Rewarding Great People - Issue 3

In this issue we have key updates on some of our business initiatives, both old and new, plus we are showcasing some benefits you may not be aware of such as our VIP suite at the O2 which is available for employee use.






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Joanne Conway Foreword

Speak Out

Discover a Smarter Way to Save Your Colleagues that have Saved with Rewarding Great People!

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Protect Yourself Against Bribery

Delivering Social Value

My Dream, now managed by myself and my family, continues to support colleagues with requests that will help to make a difference to their lives. And our additional support services, such as EAP and wellbeing initiatives, are helping our colleagues when they need it most. These are all particularly important to me as FM Conway is more than a family business, it is a business of families, and it is important that we look after one another. I hope you enjoy this edition of Rewarding Great People and thank you once again for being a part of the FM Conway family.

Welcome to your latest issue of Rewarding Great People and my first as Chair of the FM Conway Group.


Supporting Your Local Communities



My Dream

As we near the end of a memorable year, I would like to acknowledge and thank each and every one of you for your continued commitment to our business. Together we have supported one another and worked incredibly hard to lay the foundations for a great year ahead. I’m truly delighted to introduce this issue of Rewarding Great People, our publication designed entirely for you, which highlights a number of benefits available to you as part of the FM Conway family and I hope they will be of value to you all. In particular, we have key updates on some of our business initiatives, both new and old, that you will be able to get fully involved in. Plus, we are showcasing some benefits that you may not even be aware of, such as our VIP suite at the O2 that is available for employee use.

Using Technology to Transform Driver Safety


Employee Assistance Programme Wellbeing Initiatives Available to You

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Hear from Our Drivers New Year, New Idea




The Future of Our Business

Apprentice Awards

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Trained to Save Lives

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Exclusive Tickets to The O2! Long-Service Milestones

Learning & Development – On Hand to Support You

5 Minutes with Trevor Cole and Rob Lyne





Did you know that you can access Rewarding Great People via the ‘Savingspace’ app?

How to get started:

Now you can access the thousands of money-saving offers available to you from the convenience of your phone and earn cashback on the go. Rewarding Great People is your easy access, central platform, where we bring all of your benefits together into one location. Logging in provides access to a huge range of fantastic offers across high street retailers, supermarkets, cinemas and restaurants, as well as providing wellbeing resources, including our Employee Assistance Programme, Online Fitness Videos, a 24/7 GP Helpline, plus much more.

1. Download the app: ‘Savingspace’ is available on the App Store and Google Play. 2. Generate your activation code: Log into Rewarding Great People via a web browser, visit the App page and click ‘Generate activation code’. 3. Enter your code: On the app log in screen,

enter your activation code. You’ll then be prompted to either set up a pin or fingerprint recognition for future access.




Vladimir Golaljuk, Surfacing Sweeper Driver

Chandu Patel, Lighting Operative


How frequently do you log in and use your discounts scheme?


How frequently do you log in and use your discounts scheme?

A: I would say at least once or twice a week - we do weekly shopping and use 2 supermarkets, so that covers it. Q: How do you use your cashback that you save up? A: I decided I will treat this money as if I just found it, easy comes, easy goes. I’m planning to save some more and try e-commerce. I’m very frugal with money so with this approach I should be more open- minded about investment. Q: Do you use this scheme for family use? A: All kids gadgets and household electrical items were purchased using gift cards. Q: Do you find the scheme easy to use? A: It’s relatively straightforward, yes. I would like to see more user-friendly features added, for example repeat purchase of last order or card/ address saved and selected, without me having to choose it manually every time. Q: How likely would you be to recommend the scheme to your colleagues? A: I told most of my colleagues about it, it’s free money! Q: Do you use other parts of the site such as online shopping / lotto / competitions? A: I did try lotto a few times, haven’t had much luck yet. Q: What is your favourite feature of the Scheme? A: Variety of vendors and services to choose from, and of course - cashback!

A: I usually log in to the website once a week to top up my reloadable gift cards, of which I have 4. One of my cards is for Sainsbury’s, I use it all the time. I regularly shop there. Q: How do you use your cashback that you save up? A: When I have saved up sufficient amount of cashback, I generally treat myself, and others. Q: Do you use this scheme for family use? A: I have used this scheme for my daughter. I got her a gift card for the retailer that she likes. Q: Do you find the scheme easy to use? A: I have found this scheme very easy to use. Simply top up the card from a phone, within a few days funds arrive on the card. Then just use the cards like normal gift cards. Q: How likely would you be to recommend the scheme to your colleagues? A: I would wholeheartedly recommend this scheme to my colleagues. Q: Do you use other parts of the site such as online shopping / lotto / competitions? A: Presently, my main use of this scheme is for shopping. I have yet to explore other parts. Q: What is your favourite feature of the Scheme? A: My favourite part of this scheme is that I do my normal shopping, that I would do anyway, and get cash back for free!





Although the podcast was going well, Andrew was not satisfised and felt like he could deliver a better quality of content for his listeners and that’s where My Dream could help. “I decided to approach My Dream because, whilst I was growing the podcast, the one thing that irritated me was that the overall audio quality wasn’t as good as I’d have liked, and I was borrowing other people’s equipment, meaning I always felt beholden to others. “I was awarded a laptop and four microphones which have had exactly the effect I wanted. We have not only been able to improve our audio quality, but we can also have group discussions in the same room without loss of quality. All of the editing and formatting can be done quickly on a new laptop, and the uploading of the audio files is quick and easy, meaning I have more spare time to myself. “My Dream has given me independence and the opportunity to grow and improve the overall quality of the product we put out.”

The Voice of Grassroots Football

Andrew Wheaton, CAD Manager for Consultancy, approached My Dream to help improve the overall quality of his podcast – SELK Grassroots, a podcast covering grassroots football across South East London and Kent. Established by Andrew in 2019, the SELK podcast is now in its fourth year of operation and sports a team of 20 people that all produce and contribute weekly content throughout the football season for its ever-growing listener base. “I started it using equipment that was cobbled together with advice I was given on gear that was cheap, cheerful and reliable,” explains Andrew. “We started in February 2019 and things quickly took off. 18,000 listens in 2019 were followed by 37,000 in 2020 and 43,000 in 2021. We are currently looking at around 62,000 for 2022 and 160,000 listens in total.”



WELLBEING INITIATIVES AVAILABLE TO YOU FM Conway’s priority has always been its people and we remain committed to keeping our colleagues safe and healthy and ensuring that support is always available should you ever need it.

The last few years have been a challenge for everyone, therefore it is important to know that you have resources and support to help you stay grounded amongst these changing times. In particular, our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provider can offer you the best resources that you need to support your mental and physical wellbeing. LifeWorks Global is a free, confidential support service, available 24/7, that can help you and your dependants solve a wide range of challenges in your lives, related to work, health and much more. They are available anytime and anywhere for the help you need. EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAMME

FM Conway’s priority has always been its people and we remain committed to keeping our colleagues safe and healthy, and to ensuring that support is always available should you ever need it. „ Our EAP is designed to provide you with local expert support „ You will be assisted in meeting challenges and resolving work/life issues „ Our EAP can offer counselling and consulting services „ Services are offered away from the business and will remain confidential „ EAP counsellors are experienced professionals, on hand to support your mental and physical wellbeing „ EAP counsellors can provide support in your spoken language

We would like to remind you of the wonderful wellbeing initiatives and tools available to you via your online reward portal.

„ Online fitness videos and healthy recipes via Fitness Blender „ Discounted eye tests and eyewear for you and your family via Optical Express „ Online Mindfulness course via Future Learn „ Access to a 24/7 GP Helpline via BHSF „ 24/7 Employee Assistance Programme via Lifeworks „ Cycle to work scheme via Green Commute Initiative „ Gym discounts provided through My Gym Discounts „ Free to enter monthly lottery with prize draw up to £3000 „ Cashback on thousands of retailers including all major supermarkets

To Access the Support you Need, the Details are: Call: 0800 169 1920 (Available 24/7)

Download the free app on Android or iOS – simply search for “LifeWorks”.

Website: To register: click on ‘sign up’ and enter FMC - (your employee number) and follow the instructions on the screen





The programme offers a blended approach to learning that encourages individuals to develop their own leadership style which inspires the next generation. Our Board of Directors were in attendance at the graduation event on 6th December to formally congratulate three different cohorts on successfully completing the programme. The event saw graduates across all three levels of the programme, including our Step into Leadership programme (aimed at Team Leaders and Frontline Supervisors), the Middle Leaders programme (aimed at Managers), as well as the Aspiring Directors programme. With so many of our colleagues developing such impressive leadership skills, we feel confident that the business is in good hands!


We would like to congratulate our FM Conway colleagues that successfully graduated from the Great Leaders Programme! The Great Leaders Programme is an annual event that gives our people the skills and confidence to step out of their comfort zone, challenge the status quo and become great authentic leaders with a shared vision and direction.





Danny advised him not to drive and to ring 111 to get medical advice. As Dean became disorientated due to this condition, Danny took over the communications with his colleagues, before an ambulance was called, which soon arrived to provide assistance. Once taken away by the paramedics, it was discovered that Dean had suffered a small stroke and Danny’s quick thinking ensured that Dean swiftly received the treatment he needed.

Aware that bridges are a method by which people take their own lives, FM Conway has partnered with the Samaritans to train over 60 employees in suicide awareness. Three employees previously received awards for their actions in talking people out of taking their lives and the business is immensely proud to play such a role in the communities where we operate. Sometimes our colleagues go above and beyond in their line of duty, particularly in their dedication towards their peers and community. Water & Drainage Management’s Danny Pinder was recently an exemplar of exactly that when his quick thinking potentially saved the life of an operative who took ill whilst on site. Danny arrived at Clacket Lane Services to find subcontractor, Dean, shaking and sweating and clearly unwell.

Programme Development

People are our most valuable resource, and we are continually providing avenues of support in order to upskill and develop our people. As a valued colleague, you may not realise all of the great benefits that our L&D team can provide to you, and the different areas of support that you can access. The Talent Development team are responsible for nurturing our apprentices, as well as handling graduate and early career colleagues, including management of the inspire scheme. If you need assistance with apprenticeships or professional development, please contact: . Talent Development

The Programme Development team handle a number of our different programmes at FM Conway, including Inductions, the Great Leaders Programme, the Line Managers Charter Programme, as well as working with our Talent Development team to develop other existing schemes.

If you require assistance with any of these, please contact .

Technical and Compliance Team

Our Technical and Compliance team ensure the delivery of high-quality training across the business, including the co-ordination and management of technical and compliance training, as well as driving assessments. If you require help regarding any aspect of your training, you can contact for more information.




Speak Out is our confidential channel for reporting your concerns. As a family business, we pride ourselves on our integrity and credibility and want to support you when it comes to making the right decision. We realise that it is sometimes hard to understand what the right thing to do is, therefore, earlier this year the Speak Out team visited a number of FM Conway depots to explain how speaking out can help us all. Speak Out is our confidential channel for reporting concerns amongst our workforce and it was great to see so many of our colleagues getting involved and learning more about how FM Conway can support them in ensuring that integrity is at the heart of our business. Our app provides a safe and confidential method for employees and those we do business with to raise concerns or report suspected breaches of our standards and processes. Speak Out reports can be anything from theft, fraud, bribery and drug abuse, to health and safety issues, as well as a person’s conduct or behaviour.

Speak Out can be accessed 24/7 via:

Landline number 0808 169 1521 or a web application on your desktop or mobile device. Anything that you report is dealt with confidentially and anonymously if you choose.



Don’t forget about our Gifts and Hospitality webform, which colleagues should use to declare any gifts or hospitality that they are given or receive. These should be reported if they exceed the value of £50. This is in place to protect you, as well as the business, from any risks associated with bribery. PROTECT YOURSELF AGAINST BRIBERY „ Tickets to an event, e.g. concert, football, rugby, or other sporting event „ A food hamper „ Bottle of wine or spirit „ Any gift or hospitality offered to a client or supplier „ Any item beyond company branded stationery To see what is regarded as a gift or hospitality please view the policy on the IMS or the Rewarding Great People portal. Examples of Gifts and Hospitality that should be recorded include:


We are focused on delivering a positive social and environmental impact for our customers and communities and we have a proud track record of actively engaging with numerous local charities and organisations, supporting their work financially and sharing skills, knowledge, and expertise. We are proud to state that this year we have continued to deliver social value across the communities in which our colleagues, friends and families reside. Throughout the challenges of recent years, our people came first as they always will, and we will continue to operate as a business with family at its heart by giving back to our society.




FM Conway set up the Conway Charitable Foundation in 2013 to offer financial support to local charities, organisations and individuals in need of help, and has donated a huge £700,000 in that time. In addition to the work we do in our communities, we also receive many requests for charitable donations. In the last 12 months FM Conway has donated £350,000 to the Conway Charitable Foundation to support a range of charities, locally, nationally and internationally. We have already contributed to many notable causes with £100,000 worth of donations this year, and would to share some of the fundraising activities that we have supported within your communities. Earlier this year, we asked all colleagues to nominate charities or causes that they would like to support through the Conway Charitable Foundation, and we received an overwhelming amount of requests. In total, over 70 charities were nominated. To ensure the contributions were meaningful, the Foundation selected the charities with the most votes, as well as combining those charities with similar aspirations, to donate to one single cause.



Our sponsorship will now enable strong investment and funding support for eight academy programmes over four areas across the South of London and Kent, including:

The Conway Charitable Foundation has donated £40,000 to Creating Lifesavers, an organisation dedicated to delivering CPR and defibrillator training across the UK. David Sullivan, founder of Creating Lifesavers, and ex-England and Crystal Palace footballer, John Salako, were presented with the £40,000 at Conway House.

FM Conway has renewed its exclusive sponsorship agreement with the Street Soccer Foundation until 2024, making a £40,000 donation to support the organisation. The Foundation is a Kent based charity that uses football as a catalyst to help educate, upskill and inspire children and young people in communities nationwide. The charity makes a huge commitment to helping the homeless and the vulnerable, disadvantaged young people across Kent, with a 10-week personal development programme.

Kent (Kent Street Soccer Academy)


„ Croydon, South London (Crystal Palace Street Soccer Academy) „ South East London (Millwall Street Soccer Academy) „ Chelsea/Westminster, South West London (Chelsea Street Soccer Academy) Each programme is anticipated to support between 10-15 vulnerable and homeless young people, which equates to potentially supporting 120 young people in total.

FM Conway has been proudly supporting Creating Lifesavers for many years.

This generous donation will now enable many community centres, youth centres, street markets, shopping centres and more to have access to life saving help and equipment.





This effective, objective, and proven method of in-cab alerts and video capture is making our fleet and driver safety a priority.

We are delighted to announce that we have successfully completed the implementation of a new artificial intelligence (AI) telematics system across our 1,000-strong fleet of vehicles. This is part of a wider focus on developing new technologies and enhancing training processes with the aim of improving safety for our drivers and other road users. With the use of AI cameras, the new system can automatically detect incidents inside and outside the vehicle’s cab. If one of the AI cameras ‘sees’ something it recognises as an incident or a potentially dangerous driver behaviour, it will immediately sound an alert and record a 7-10 second clip so the camera footage can be reviewed.

The purpose of this new system is to:

„ Improve safety and reduce incidents and near misses „ Protect drivers from inaccurate and false allegations and claims „ Produce environmental and cost benefits through improved driving behaviour




“As long as it is used as a tool to improve driver habits rather than one to punish them it is a good thing.

We initially trialled this new system with our drivers, and it is now making an impact on their day-to-day working life. Glenn Warner is a Bulker Driver for A&A and has shared his thoughts on FM Conway’s latest approach to driver safety. “I had already experienced in-cab camera systems before, but not ones that employ an additional layer of AI. My opinion of the system is pretty neutral and, in truth, I forget it is there unless it activates for some reason. If it raises the level of safety for the driver and the people around them then that can only be a good thing. After all, in the event of an incident the camera system can just as easily prove your innocence as to indicate your guilt. It does add a layer of accountability.

“I think FM Conway do an excellent job regarding road safety, and I see they are regularly nominated and winning awards for it. Trade recognition can only be a good thing. The company do not appear to be afraid to invest in new technology and seem happy to trail new systems for the advancement of road safety. “No matter how good an HGV driver is you can never account for what other road users are going to do around you. If the inclusion of this system just slows a driver down or makes him think twice before carrying out a manoeuvre too quickly then it is worth its weight in gold. “As a driver, you might get lucky a dozen times a day, but you only need that luck to run out once and you can devastate a lot of lives, including that of your own and your family.”

“Other road users are always an issue for HGV drivers, especially in the South East where it is so congested. Add to that the various rules regarding weight, times and heights, and it can be pretty stressful. Thankfully the system is completely automated, so driver input is zero and therefore it doesn’t add any stress to your day. “Ultimately, road safety should be every driver’s goal, especially when you are in control of a vehicle weighing 44 tonnes and capable of 56MPH.




The Big Idea is back with a new, improved and streamlined process that will ensure your ideas are taken on board and carefully evaluated, as well as upping the rewards you can receive. Officially re-launching in January, the Big Idea scheme is a channel by which you can send through any idea or innovation that you think will make a significant difference to our business, and rewards you for introducing a positive change to FM Conway. To improve the Big Idea process, we now have an updated panel of Subject Matter Experts that will meet and review your ideas, and we have also implemented regular updates into the process in order to inform you about the progress of your idea in a timely manner.

If your idea is submitted for consideration to our panel, you will be rewarded with a certificate and a £25 tax-free payment, with the chance for more cash rewards at every stage of the process, including the possibility of it rising to £5,000 if it offers a measurable benefit to the business! Over the past 61 years, we have adapted and evolved into the great business we are today, and it is your ideas that will help us to continue thriving. After all, you know our business better than anyone else and the best ideas have always come from our people.

To let us know about your Big Idea and make a positive difference, visit or use the Big Idea tile on Conway Connect.

These are made up of leaders from across the business, including Directors, that are keen to hear your innovative ideas for FM Conway.

All ideas are welcome, and every suggestion, which can be anything, from ways to reduce cost, to innovate, or even ideas as to how FM Conway can provide a new service, will be considered.





Apprentices are such a vital part of our business, and we are proud to be continually supporting and developing the next generation of talent as they make their own way in the industry. This year we saw a number of our apprentices successfully graduate and we would like to congratulate you all and provide some much-deserved recognition for your hard work and commitment. We are proud to have been able to support you throughout your study programme and we look forward to seeing more of our colleagues complete their apprenticeships and celebrating their bright futures!

FM Conway uses a range of initiatives to attract the right people at every level of the business and an apprenticeship provides the opportunity for enthusiastic individuals to earn whilst they are learning. As a business we have always had a strong tradition of apprenticeships. The length and structure of each apprenticeship varies, but they all include mentoring, training and studying for qualifications. Apprentices are an important part of our succession planning and we believe that through this route we can reach a diverse and talented pool of individuals. Apprenticeships can last up to five years if they include a university degree, but from the minute they arrive the apprentices are full employees. We are proud of our apprentices and they are fully welcomed into their teams and the FM Conway family as soon as they arrive.

Left to right: Ashleigh Maloney, Charlie Sampson, Adam Read, Josh Sampson, Maggie Taylor





Please Note: Tickets can only be secured by payment and seats will be allocated in order of payment. Unsecured bookings will be available to other members of staff who are able to provide payment upfront. A guest list of all attending (full names and how your guests are related to you) will need to be provided. Tickets are non-refundable.

Photo by - @sandratansh

At FM Conway, we are not just a business, we are a family, with the tenures of many of our colleagues spanning generations.

In our 61-year history, our colleagues have seen so much change during their time with the business, and we want to celebrate all of you for your hard work, support, and the dedication that you have provided us with over the years.

This year in particular, a number of colleagues have reached some impressive long-service milestones with the business and we want to shout about their incredible accomplishments!

Nicholas Haynes

45 Years

Term Maintenance

Operative General

Trevor Cole

40 Years

Civil Engineering

Contracts Manager

Robert Lyne

40 Years

As an FM Conway colleague you have exclusive access to tickets at the O2 Arena via the company’s VIP box! Featuring a wide range of events, including music, sports, comedy, entertainment and more, the corporate box is available to all colleagues to purchase tickets for themselves and up to three guests to an upcoming event of their choice. The box can hold up to 20 seats in total, with 15 seats and 5 bar stools and also has access to food and drink from the luxury of the private suite. However, please remember that whilst in the box you are representing FM Conway and we ask that you remain respectful of others whilst using the private area.

Civil Engineering

Commercial Manager

Darren Brown

35 Years


Service Manager Transport

Paul Williams

35 Years

Civil Engineering

Contracts Manager

Karl Hopper

35 Years

Term Maintenance

Contracts Manager

Mark Pitcher

35 Years

Term Maintenance


If you are interested in purchasing tickets for an event, please e-mail .




Rob Lyne – Commercial Manager, Civil Engineering Trevor Cole – Contracts Manager, Civil Engineering

Two colleagues have hit long service milestones this year and shared their thoughts on the changes they’ve seen over the decades. When did you join FM Conway? Rob: December 2002. I was TUPE’d over from Carillion (formerly Tarmac) with a number of other people when FM Conway purchased Carillion’s London Paving business. Trevor: I started work with Tarmac Civil Engineering on major construction work, and then moved into the specialist paving part of the business within the M25 called London Paving. This part of Tarmac de-merged to become Carillion and was bought by FM Conway in 2002. What are the biggest changes you’ve seen? Rob: Changes have been gradual with a lot more collaborative working between us and our clients nowadays. In the good old days, it was ‘us’ and ‘them’ lobbing grenades at each other from our respective trenches.

Trevor: I have been fortunate to work on a variety of contracts throughout my career. Some were high profile such as the refurbishment of Trafalgar Square paving and fountains, constructing new pathways on the forecourt of Buckingham Palace, installing retractable bollards around the American embassy (when it was in Grosvenor Square), and installing a decorative sundial outside the Houses of parliament. What does the future hold for you? Rob: I have a few years yet before I hang up my calculator and scale rule (old school) and, until I finally call it a day, I hope to carry on in the Civil Engineering division, contributing to their growth and continued success! Trevor: More work on the preparation of projects within the TfL STIC framework, with other occasional spot tasks.

Trevor: Technology has refined theodolites with upside down images and basic pocket calculators into GPS surveying and tablet computers for site documentation. I worked on one contract where notes of progress meetings with Subcontractors were written by hand, and progress was coloured in on hand drawn programme bars on A1 sized paper! That ensured that we agreed and minimised the wording to get the record “right first time”. What are the highlights of your career? Rob: There are many! I worked on major highways projects – the construction of Junction 16 of the M25 was where I started (a summer job, post university). The Hatfield Tunnel on the A1(M) was next, followed by a section of the Heathrow Express rail link near Uxbridge and a bascule bridge for the Ministry of Defence near Shoeburyness. After that I worked on two sections of the new A14 East/West link. I look back on all the projects I have worked on with pride and continue to bore the family with tales of my heroic exploits.

Do you have any advice for future generations? Rob: I would recommend working in the construction industry to anyone - the hours can be long and the location where you’re working can sometimes be a pain to get to but, overall, you do loads of interesting things and meet a whole bunch of nice people. Trevor: I think that construction as a profession offers many challenges and satisfactions, but you usually have to travel to where the work is. It usually provides a good feeling that everyone wants to get the job done. There has always been the challenge of getting specialist trades organised and onto your contract at the right time. When they come from within a self delivery company however, it feels that the effort and money is always being recycled into moving the group forward. It feels good to work at a family run company where things can be seen to happen very quickly when they need to.



FM CONWAY Conway House Vestry Road Sevenoaks Kent TN14 5EL Tel: 01732 600 700 Join the conversation:

EXCELLENCE Great people delivering great work, always

CARE As a family business we act with care and compassion

INNOVATION Our passion is to always find a better way

INTEGRITY A business committed to doing the right thing


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