Social Value Report 2021-2022

Our 2021-22 report highlights the success of our CSR initiatives and commitment to supporting charities and career opportunities.

Total Social Impact Value for 2021-22 = £21,674,703




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A Business Built on Knowledge Capital

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Setting New Standards for Inclusivity

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Our family values sit at the heart of everything we do. Throughout the many challenges of recent years, our people came first as they always will, providing support to one another and the wider Conway family, community, clients and supply chain. We have a foundation built on 60 years of excellence and many strategies to ensure we continue to grow and prosper, whilst sharing best practice and working collaboratively with industry to develop new innovation. Our social and environmental performance form a crucial part of our business strategy. Our approach to inclusivity, safety, health and the development of our people are all award winning Creating a positive impact on local communities by promoting the recruitment of local people is key to our growth. Many routes to employment and training are offered, such as apprenticeship programmes, London Construction Academy, as well as through our active involvement with national programmes such as Kickstart and Inspire. Opportunities are offered widely through our community networks, clients, supply chain and social media. Our self-delivery approach and multi-disciplinary operations allows us to offer development opportunities for our people, training them for outstanding careers in construction and infrastructure. From design to completion, from materials to logistics, our business offers unrivalled opportunities for people to develop and grow their skills at a multitude of levels. We are also proud of our track record in the communities in which we operate, actively engaging with numerous local charities and organisations, supporting their work financially and sharing skills, knowledge, and expertise.

Adam Green - CEO



EMPLOYMENT = £9,593,796

ENVIRONMENT = £1,377,975 TOTAL SOCIAL IMPACT VALUE FOR 2021-22 = £21,674,703

GROWTH = £10,036,189

SOCIAL = £666,743




Our mission is to transform the built environment using sustainable, innovative, self-delivered, quality services, quality services, whilst working together as a family with our people, our customers and our communities. £478 MILLION OVER 4,700 OVER 1,900 OVER 1,100 60 YEARS







FM Conway is committed to supporting the UN SDGs. We demonstrate this through our Sustainability Strategy , and throughout this report we will highlight our activities that support individual or multiple UN SDGs.

ASSUMPTIONS AND LIMITATIONS The values in this report have been generated using the open source National Themes, Outcomes and Measures (TOMs) Social Value Measurement Framework (NationalTOMs2020-v1.4-COVID19) Barry Collins is a trained social value practitioner with over 25 years experience in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and he has produced social value, sustainability and CSR reports for a range of private and public organisations, including FTSE 100 companies.





Knowledge capital is a central element of FM Conway’s business success, as you would expect after 60 years of delivering project excellence. Our knowledge capital is partly built on those 60 years of experience, but it is also built on our drive to problem solve and constantly find a better way of doing things. Using that foundation, our business partnerships have been carefully cultivated and nurtured based on an ethos of continuous improvement and collaboration. Working on behalf of both communities and businesses, we have developed a self-delivery model which combines in-house consultancy expertise with frontline operational excellence. From initial inspection through to design, delivery, refurbishment works and ongoing maintenance, this approach enables us to supply all of the services required to keep the nation’s infrastructure and open spaces operating effectively and efficiently. The research undertaken in our UKAS certified technology centre allows us to design, test and produce solutions for our customers. Our commitment to recycling ensures that we continue to push the boundaries of materials innovation, and through testing and trials, we demonstrate that higher percentages of recycled content can be used in surface courses on the UK’s road network. We are leading the way in the use of sustainable materials and striving for the reduction of all carbon emissions, as well as protecting the UK’s natural capital and reducing the need for quarrying and using virgin material. The knowledge capital embedded in our business allows us to provide a pipeline of continuous improvement in both product and service delivery, examples of which you will see throughout this report. From this, we are promoting and sharing best practice to ensure that our industry can thrive.


OUR VISION To be the leading family infrastructure business, delivering a better society through collaboration, protection of resources and continued investment in self-delivery. OUR MISSION To transform our built environment using sustainable, innovative, self-delivered, quality services, working together as a family with our people, our customers and our communities, for the future of our industry.


Care | Innovation | Integrity | Excellence





ALL GREAT PEOPLE All Great People is FM Conway’s strategy to embed Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) throughout our operations. It outlines our positive intent to ensure that inclusivity is at the very core of our business; successfully building an extended FM Conway family that reflects every area of our society. EDI represents the mutual trust, respect and understanding we strive for in our organisation in order to serve our clients and communities. Although we are only approximately halfway through our 2020–24 strategy to achieve our EDI aspirations, we are delighted that our efforts have already been recognised through the Better Society Awards and Inspiring Change Awards. BETTER SOCIETY AWARDS FM Conway won the ‘Inclusive Employer Award’, which is given to the employer that has made concerted and effective steps to ensure that their workplace, employment practices and recruitment policies are fair, equal, and inclusive of all. FM Conway proudly demonstrated its commitment to an inclusive workplace by showcasing its initiatives which are aimed at EDI, Disability, Kickstart, Apprentices and creating a female-friendly environment.


FM Conway won the ‘Inspiring Change in the Workplace’ award at CECA’s Inspiring Change Awards for its commitment to disability awareness.

The award recognises businesses that have introduced an initiative which has helped to foster and develop an inclusive workplace where people of varied backgrounds, perspectives, or life experience, share ideas and work productively together. FM Conway was successfully recognised as a champion for positive actions that remove barriers from working in the construction sector with regard to better recruitment, and successful retention and support for employees with disabilities.



n Planned


TARGETS In many cases we have exceeded our targets beyond expectation so have re-scoped new targets for 2023 & 2024.

n In Progress n Completed



When developing the key performance indicators for our new EDI strategy in 2020, we were aware that we needed to refresh our data and give all employees an opportunity to declare their personal information using the latest accepted terminology. Internal consultations identified that not all of our employees were familiar with the new, or indeed some of the existing terminology, being used for equality, diversity, and inclusion.

Baseline 2020/2021

Current 2021/2022

% Increase









Sexual Orientation









OUR COMMITMENTS: Supporting our Staff: We’ll always investigate incidents, react to comments and listen and respond when staff speak to us about health, safety and wellbeing at work. Continuously Investing in Health and Safety: We provide the right equipment, guidance and procedures to keep people safe. focuses on the health and safety of our people. The strategy creates an environment where people look out for their colleagues, clients, communities and have the confidence to communicate when they see something that may cause harm. Sitting alongside our All Great People Strategy is our long-held commitment to our People First strategy, which

Keep Improving: We identify where we can reduce risks whenever possible and set limits to keep people safe.

Increasing Communication: We remove communication barriers across the business, providing the required support when needed. Through People First we create a culture where all workers look out for themselves and others and where individuals “want to be safe rather than having to be safe” .

Our Speak Out app highlights our commitment to our employees, and those we do business with, providing a safe and confidential method to raise concerns and report breaches of our standards of processes.



Our video-based safety solution uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology and g-force accelerometer date to provide various insights to fleet managers, in real time. This data includes distracted driving detection, harsh braking, acceleration and tailgating and all of this can be used to help prevent accidents. Using this technology we can improve driver behaviour through audible in-cab alerts that highlight high-risk behaviours and events. Safety reports and easy-to-use workflows, such as driver safety scores and risk analyses, also allow driver coaching and incentivise safe driving to ensure that FM Conway drivers continue to operate to the highest levels of driver and road safety.



A healthy culture at work both energises and motivates people, and we want our workforce to enjoy working at FM Conway. We support our staff and, through our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), we can provide free, confidential advice and counselling on a range of different issues.

As part of our programme to tackle work related ill-health we are providing:

• Employee Nutrition and Fitness Clinics with a specialist coach • Flu Vaccinations for all LGV, heavy plant and confined space operatives • Weekly Health Communications focusing on fatigue management, occupational health, dust/silica, noise, hand arm vibration, stress management and mental health • Wellbeing Stand Down Days with guest speakers • Safety Critical Medicals



The mental health and wellbeing of our people is as important as their safety. The construction and

infrastructure sectors of the economy are highlighted as having some of the highest instances of mental health issues, and at FM Conway we are determined to provide our people with a comprehensive support system, with over 100 employees now trained as Mental Health First Aiders. Through our partnership with Mates in Mind we are working to raise awareness and understanding of mental health and mental ill-health. By helping people to understand how, when and where they can get support, we can help break the silence and stigma surrounding this important topic.




Our current programmes have proven valuable in attracting people at the start of their careers and developing the future of our business.


KICKSTART The government launched Kickstart in summer 2020 to give employment opportunities and experience to young people aged between 16 and 24. The initiative was coordinated by Job Centres, and all candidates were actively seeking work opportunities. The business has welcomed 26 Kickstarters since January 2021, providing them with six months’ work, mentoring and training that includes functional skills, CV workshops, and effective communication. Deborah Underwood-King, FM Conway Emerging Talent Partner, said: “We have been really impressed with the candidates, and I particularly liked that they are from a wide range of backgrounds. None of them had considered construction before, but by the end of their placement, 91% said they would consider a career in this industry. We’re really proud of the programme. The young people told us the experience made them feel valued and gave them real skills that can help them in the future.” APPRENTICESHIPS The business has always had a strong tradition of apprenticeships. The length and structure of each apprenticeship varies, but they all include mentoring, training and studying for qualifications. Apprentices are an important part of our succession planning in which FM Conway aims to reach diverse talent. Apprenticeships can last up to five years if they include a university degree, but from the minute they arrive the apprentices are full employees. We are proud of our apprentices and they are fully welcomed into their teams and the FM Conway family as soon as they join us. INSPIRE Under the Inspire programme, FM Conway sponsors students who are at university and provides them with eight weeks paid work experience during the summer holidays. At the end of their degree course each student is given an interview for a permanent job. So far, the business has welcomed civil engineering students, giving them experience in the Civil Engineering, Structures and Consultancy divisions. This year, for the first time, the Inspire programme will also be used to attract talent to Aggregates & Asphalt.




MARIA GORE (KICKSTART) Maria took her A-levels in 2020 during the pandemic, and says it was “near impossible” for young people with little workplace experience to find apprenticeships or jobs. “When I heard about this opportunity, I was eager to apply and see what it was like,” she says. She admits to knowing “little to nothing” about construction before joining FM Conway in January 2021: “The construction industry was never seen as a route that I could look into at my school, and that led to my misjudgement about women in such an industry.” Maria, who won the 2021 CECA Midlands Kickstarter of the Year Award, says she found the whole Kickstart journey interesting, and wants to encourage more women to discover the industry. Since completing the programme, she has been taken on as an apprentice and is studying for a Business Management Degree Apprenticeship.


BEN NEWMARCH (APPRENTICE) Ben joined FM Conway in September 2019 on a Degree Apprenticeship, studying for a BEng in Civil Engineering at London South Bank University. “Coming out of school, I had the option to go to university and had been offered places to study civil engineering full time,” he explains. “However, the opportunity to study part-time as part of an apprenticeship whilst working and gaining experience and not having to pay for my degree was a much better option. “I chose FM Conway as, on my interview day, the involvement with current apprentices showed me they really cared about the development of their employees and had the best apprenticeship programme. “Immediately I was thrown in the deep end, with work in all different types of projects,” Ben recalls. “As a result, my knowledge has increased drastically since I first started, and I am now a crucial part of my team.” Ben’s current role includes managing the structural inspection programme for Transport for London (TfL) and a range of structural designs: “I love the fact no two weeks are the same for me, and very rarely do I spend a whole week in the office.”


MANISHA SIDHPURA (INSPIRE) Manisha joined the business in 2018 as a summer intern while studying for her Civil Engineering degree at the University of Nottingham. “FM Conway had a lot of support and opportunities that inspired me to join,” she explains. “They provided a grant, which could be used for university fees and books, and the structures team work on very interesting projects, which attracted me.” During her first placement she accompanied her mentor, FM Conway Structures Director, Adam Barnes, to site visits and meetings, and was involved in the tender for the Illuminated River project. She also worked with the engineering team on inspections, basement surveys and design. The following summer, Manisha assisted in the tender for the second phase of Illuminated River , and after joining the company as a graduate engineer she spent eight months delivering the project on site. “I got to see the project through from the beginning to the very end,” she says. “I love the team I work with. All my colleagues are very supportive, and I have been given the best opportunities to progress in my career.”


GREAT LEADERS - NEW FOR 2022 The Great Leaders Programme is an annual event that gives our people the skills and confidence to step out of their comfort zone, challenge the status quo and become great authentic leaders with a shared vision and direction. With contributions made by the Board, the programme’s activities are designed to support the growth of our people and develop future leaders of the business.

The Great Leaders Programme consists of three levels:

Aspiring Directors and Directors

„ „ „

Middle Leaders

Step into Leadership

“I really enjoyed the Middle Leaders Programme. It was educational and has developed me as a manager. Strengthscope (a tool to understand individuals’ unique strengths) was the biggest eye-opener of the programme. I couldn’t have agreed more with the report and learnt so much from my three sessions with my Strengthscope practitioner.” “The Great Leaders Programme has helped me network with my peers, which has given me a greater understanding of processes behind the scenes and an input on processes that will benefit my division.”




ROAD SAFETY At FM Conway we have a track record of road safety from our Road Safety Manager, Dave Conway, who was instrumental in developing the ISO 39001 accreditation. This has been key in our partnership with TfL on the ‘Exchanging Places’ programme, which allows cyclists to see what visibility is like driving an HGV in order to provide the other perspective and help increase road safety. Most recently we have been at the forefront of getting the new changes to the Highway Code out to all of our people, covering key safety areas including, pedestrians having priority over vehicles at road junctions, cyclists taking up more central positioning prior to turning corners, and a hierarchy of responsibility, placing HGV drivers at the top.

All of the changes are designed to raise road safety standards and ensure a culture of safe and effective road use that benefits all of the users on the road. Something very close to the heart of everyone at FM Conway! FM Conway has also aligned itself with the road safety charity, Brake, due to the charity’s excellent ambitions in ensuring safety is paramount for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, and to guarantee we operate in a world where everybody moves in a safe and healthy way.



Through our actions, no road user will suffer life-changing harm involving our vehicles.



Big Ten in 10 is our 10-year strategy for eliminating the potential of the 10 biggest risks that cause life changing harm. Where elimination is not an option, and in order to create an environment where people can remain safe and healthy, we will have a number of safety critical controls in place for each Big Risk activity that takes full advantage of advances in the digital and technological worlds to provide physical, electrical and mechanical protection. As with our All Great People strategy, our Big Ten in 10 strategy has also been recognised by the wider industry, winning a number of high-profile awards, including the inaugural ‘Fatal 6’ award at the Mineral Products Association (MPA) Awards. ‘The Fatal 6’ award which was awarded for the first time, recognised FM Conway’s Big Ten in 10 as the most exceptional innovation implemented to eliminate consequences of the ‘Fatal 6’. TOP: Construction News Awards 2022 - FM Conway won the ‘Health, Safety and Wellbeing Excellence (Company)’ award at the Construction News Awards for its initiatives combatting Occupational Road Risk MIDDLE: National Highways Awards 2021 - FM Conway won the ‘Exceptional Contribution to Road User Safety’ award at the National Highways Awards 2021 for our initiatives combatting Occupational Road Risk BOTTOM: Constructing Excellence Awards 2022 - FM Conway won the Constructing Excellence award for ‘Health, Safety & Wellbeing’ thanks to its Occupational Road Risk initiative


GOOD SAMARITANS Three years ago, we were delighted to win the contract for the Illuminated River Project, with our commitment to the project going far beyond the structural and lighting work which was its central focus. Aware that bridges are a method by which people take their own lives, FM Conway has partnered with the Samaritans to train over 60 employees in suicide awareness. Three employees recently received awards for their actions in talking people out of taking their lives, and the company is immensely proud to play such a role in the communities in which we operate.

Highways Heroes Awards 2021 - Peter Moore, Erjon Zhupali and Sam Winter were recognised as Highway Heroes, each winning a personal achievement medal for their bravery and dedication towards their peers and community


KEITH MABBUTT, FOUNDER AND CEO OF THE STREET SOCCER FOUNDATION, COMMENTED: “Alongside Kent, we will now be supporting vulnerable young people in the areas of both West London and South East London and I cannot thank the leadership of FM Conway enough for their continued faith and investment in our charity for the service provision we continue to deliver. Our new three-year agreement firmly positions FM Conway at the very heart of our charitable work in and across the South East.” SHARON FIELD, HEAD OF CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY AT FM CONWAY, SAID: “We are delighted to extend our fantastic partnership with the Street Soccer Foundation and solidify our commitment to improving the lives of vulnerable and disadvantaged young people across our communities.”


Since its inception, the Street Soccer Foundation has made huge strides in helping hundreds of vulnerable and disadvantaged young people across Kent and, in particular, FM Conway has made a big difference with its sponsorship of the Street Soccer Academy – the nationally acclaimed flagship programme and the No.1 football-led project tackling youth homelessness in England. The personal development programme provides a free 10-week opportunity, typically for 18–30-year-olds, who are currently experiencing homelessness, including those who may be deemed at risk of becoming homeless, such as previous young offenders, long-term unemployed and NEETS (Not in Education, Employment or Training).

Matt Tallon, Keith Mabutt and James Tallon




£9 per £1 Invested


INVESTED SINCE 2017 = £151,917


LONDON CONSTRUCTION ACADEMY The London Construction Academy, formally known as the London Highway Academy of Excellence, is now in its eighth year. The academy, originally established by FM Conway, now managed by the Worshipful Company of Paviors, offers a tremendous opportunity to local people, many from disadvantaged backgrounds, via a two-week construction related course. On the final day, graduates meet employers who advertise vacant positions for jobs and apprenticeships. The academy re-opened, post covid, with a course in October 2021 and we are delighted to report the impacts were impressive:

Social Value created by the London Construction Academy since 2017 (not included in figure above)


“My confidence has grown so much because of the course, it’s been amazing.”

• Attendance rates increased to 92% • Completion rates increased to 82%

• 44% of course graduates found work within 1 month • 7 employers presented varied local job opportunities

On the 10-day course, candidates benefit from training in Health and Safety, First Aid, Customer Service, Construction Sustainability, Fire Marshal Training, Site Access Traffic Marshal Training and Employability. In addition, candidates are funded to obtain their Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card.

KAMAL, COURSE GRADUATE “I feel equipped and confident now to go out and get work.”


SEVENOAKS CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Sharon Field, FM Conway’s Head of CSR, has sat on the Board for the Sevenoaks Chamber of Commerce for over three years now and is delighted to support local businesses, both established and those starting up or looking to grow. As Sharon explains: “The work of the Chamber in supporting local business is crucial and we look to assist in any way we can, supporting supply chain events, introducing national programmes like Inspire and Kickstart to members as a way to attract young talent and grow, and just being available to help and support. The work of the Chamber in our community is outstanding and I am very proud to be a part of it.”

This year, FM Conway sponsored three stands at the Sevenoaks Business Show for charities and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs).

JULIE PHILLIPS, SEVENOAKS SAMARITANS “It was a great success for us and helped us make some really valuable contacts which will hopefully result in some support and/or volunteers.”

JOHN LEVETT, SEVENOAKS BUSINESS OWNER “Many thanks to FM Conway for sponsoring my Listening Room stand at The Sevenoaks Business Show. It was an excellent event.”


STEVE GRIFFIN, FM CONWAY OPERATIVE “I was worried whether people would know I was an inmate but everyone was so friendly and even Michael Conway would come up to me and ask how I was. It really made me feel good about myself, enjoy work and integrate into the company. “I didn’t think I would be able to get a mortgage but I have been saving and have a stable job so was able to buy a home. Now I have something to pass onto my children and they can stay with me – giving their mother some time to herself too.”


FM Conway supports the rehabilitation agenda by offering training and work experience opportunities to prisoners due for release and offering Release on Temporary Licence (ROTL) opportunities, enabling offenders to get a re-introduction to the world of work. Since 2008, we have been participating in prison programmes with great success, and some of our original recruits remain within the business as of 2022.



In addition to the work we do in our communities, we also receive many requests for charitable donations, and we hold longstanding partnerships with a number of charities, including the Lighthouse Club Construction Industry Charity and the Royal British Legion Industries Charity. In the last 12 months, FM Conway has donated £350,000 to the Conway Charitable Foundation to support a range of charities, locally, nationally and internationally.



OUR OPERATIVES - OUR COMMUNITY AMBASSADORS! Our biggest ongoing interaction with our communities is through our operatives, working on projects across the South of England and interacting daily with the communities in which they work. This community engagement is as important as any other aspect of our work in communities, and our operatives are FM Conway ambassadors on a daily basis, reflecting the values of our company.

As a company we are incredibly proud of the impression our people create, and below are just a few examples of the feedback we receive on a regular basis.

“I just want to say a huge thank you to FM Conway for attending the incidents from last Friday and over the weekend, due to the high winds. I think all of us were aware of the potential damage that the weather could have caused nationally, but more importantly it was dealing with the impact it had in the borough for our residents and businesses. Thank you for co-ordinating and arranging the callouts in a safe, swift and timely manner. Your assistance and partnership is greatly appreciated.”

“I would like to thank the team working on London Road who helped me to find my way back to the M25 after I had been driving around for 90 minutes, panicking in a place I do not know at all, very confused and frightened. I cannot thank them enough for allowing me to follow them. I do not know what I would have done if they hadn’t helped me. They are wonderful ambassadors for your company. I cannot thank them enough for their kindness.”

“I would like to say a huge thank you for all your help on Friday, during Storm Eunice. Please pass on my thanks to the operatives who were so quick to help close Shepherds Bush Road and waited until after 5.30pm when it was safe to reopen.”

“I would just like to let you know that the team working on St Andrews Road are a credit to your company. The Foreman was especially polite, considerate, and kept the site clean and tidy. The quality of work is really good.”

“The gang working on the road were 10/10. They were polite, helpful and a credit to FM Conway.”




COMMITTED TO CARBON REDUCTION FM Conway has a track record of excellence in its approach to the environment, in reducing carbon emissions, and in innovation in product and service delivery. However, everything we have achieved in the past will now simply form the foundation for our future drive to net zero carbon, and we will address the worldwide issue of Climate Change through our forward-thinking investment in sustainable solutions and commitment to continuous improvement.


LAUNCH OF NET ZERO STRATEGY In 2021, FM Conway announced the launch of our Net Zero Strategy which sets out our roadmap for reducing carbon across our business and reaching our net zero target by 2045. Climate change is the responsibility of every individual; it is an issue that we all must address. We are on the journey to net zero together, and our new strategy details how we will take action to deliver our ambitions for a greener future. Following the launch, we set targets for our decarbonisation progress over the next decade, centred on reducing carbon emissions from our operations, and set out metrics for the short, medium and long-term: • A 25% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2024/25 • A 50% reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2030/31 • Net zero in scope 1 and 2 emissions by 2045/46


OUR NET ZERO VISION Our Net Zero Strategy sets out our vision of being a net zero business by 2045. We are uniquely placed to bring innovation quickly to our customers through our self-delivery model which is underpinned with a structured Carbon Action Plan. Our short, medium and long-term actions and history of collaboration will take our clients’ carbon objectives and embed them into our low carbon construction vision. Our supply chain is a valued part of our capability, and we aim to use their skills and expertise to showcase additional technological advancements. Through self-delivery and collaboration, we will promote a circular, sustainable and clean future that safeguards our world for future generations.

25% reduction of our absolute 51,000tCO 2 e to 38,500tCO 2 e

50% reduction from 51,000tCO 2 e to 25,500tCO 2 e

Scope 1 & 2 net zero




Our commitment to reducing our own carbon emissions is also extended to our clients and customers as we monitor and report on the emissions associated with the products and services they procure from us. Thereby giving our customers the Scope 3 emissions associated with the work we deliver on their behalf, and also working with them collaboratively to reduce carbon emissions wherever possible.


SURECHARGE SureCharge is FM Conway’s end-to end solution for installing, operating and maintaining on-street electric charge points. Most of the units that have been installed so far make use of existing street lighting columns, making them quick and easy to fit FM Conway operates its own seamless end-to-end electric vehicle (EV) charging solution, SureCharge, as well as working to install EV chargers across Westminster. With the rising demand for on-street charging, we are helping our clients to provide residents with in-column and on-column charging solutions that are innovative and simple. There are a number of solutions on offer, including SureCharge, which offers a simple plug and play solution that requires no earth mat (subject to local Distribution Network Operator approval), negating the need for permitting, and the costs and disruption associated with the digging up and reinstatement of pathways.

FM Conway has now installed over 1,600 EV chargers in London which are continually maintained by our operatives.


EVERY SMALL ACTION COUNTS Our Cargo Bikes have been proving exactly why they are such a vital part of our journey to achieving net zero carbon, thanks to their work in Westminster. In particular, one of our bikes has been out installing 25 ‘return to service’ parking stickers on suspended parking signs across Westminster’s streets. The traditional method for this job is usually carried out by a team in a van, however the cargo bike has shown that using this smaller mode of transport can be even quicker, whilst also cutting our carbon footprint. Compared to the traditional method, the use of cargo bikes on this job saved approximately 12KgCO2 each time – a significant saving if this was applied over the course of the year!




SUPPORTING SMALL TO MEDIUM-SIZED ENTERPRISES (SMEs) Supporting local SMEs drives a number of benefits in local communities, promoting further employment and training opportunities, and increasing the wealth in the local economy as more local people are employed and therefore spend a percentage of their income within their community.

The Social Value Model has five themes, supporting SMEs in the supply chain figures highly in both Theme 1 - Recovery from COVID-19 and in Theme 2 - Tackling Economic Inequality.

Over the last 10 years, FM Conway has increased the number of SMEs we support - our largest amount was during 2021 as the country was recovering, with 194 new SMEs being added to our supply chain.

During our Financial Year 2021/22 we spent over £83 million with SMEs, which accounted for over 30% of all our invoicing.

FM CONWAY SMEs 2012-2022





395 468 534 638 750 944 987



2014 2015




2019 2020 2021




Collaboration is essential to our ambitions as a business. We carry out internal action groups, client workshops and supply chain events in order to continually develop and grow alongside our partners and communities.

Forums, Meetings and Events (2020-2022)










Photo by: Better Bankside (c) Mickey Lee


Photo by: Heart of London Business Alliance


EXCELLENCE Great people delivering great work, always

CARE As a family business we act with care and compassion

INNOVATION Our passion is to always find a better way

INTEGRITY A business committed to doing the right thing

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